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Advanced Pistol Shooting

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If you’re looking at this guide and asking yourself – “Advanced pistol shooting…I don’t remember seeing a guide called basic pistol shooting”, you would be right. That’s because many people already possess the skill of basic pistol shooting, and if they don’t, the teaching of such skills is readily available at most every shooting range, by joining an NRA or similar shooting instruction club, and in many other places. This type of shooting instruction is extremely low cost, and in some cases even free. We aren’t minimizing the importance of basic shooting – quite the opposite.

If you have not mastered the fundamentals of pistol shooting, to include sight picture, sight alignment, trigger squeeze, and breath control, you are not ready for this guide. You don’t necessarily need to be a crack shot or put ten rounds inside of a single ragged hole at 25 yards, but you do need to be able to reliably put ten rounds inside of the center mass of a standard silhouette type target at ten yards or so. That isn’t a hard and fast rule; it is simply a guideline to mark your progress.

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