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Usually found in air pistols, the CO2 air gun uses pre- charged cylinders of carbon dioxide that act as an onboard reservoir for the gun. Instead of the user providing the mechanical force to cock the rifle and thus create air pressure, the onboard canister does it all. These CO2 powered guns are usually less powerful than spring piston guns, however.

CO2 Pro:

  • Provides multiple follow up shots without cocking, cranking, or pumping
  • CO2 cylinders are cheap, light, and available.
  • Provides sufficient power for small game and birds.

CO2 Con:

  • When CO2 cylinders run out, so does your ability to shoot your CO2 powered air gun.
  • Less power than other types of air guns.
  • CO2 canisters are affected by cold; the colder it gets, the less power they can put out. Really only ideal for temperatures over 60 degrees.
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