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Body Armor Buyer’s Guide

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There are several reasons why body armor makes sense to you as a prepper:

  • Body armor buys you time. Most people don’t think of it this way, but hardening your body is not really much different from hardening your home. The net result is the same; an attacker who shoots at you while you are wearing a body armor vest has that much less chance of harming you. Even if you take a hit, you have time to respond back and hopefully take out the attacker. Contrast this with dying or being knocked out of action on the first hit without armor.
  • Bad guys won’t be expecting it. Everyone knows that police and military have armor. To criminals, these groups represent hard targets. Most civilians, on the other hand, are viewed as soft targets and therefore prey. Most criminals and looters will not expect and armed and armored response to their actions.
  • Body armor protects those who cannot protect themselves. It’s not just for you, Rambo. Body armor can be worn by the elderly or the very young, people who cannot fight back. It can protect and shield those that you cannot.
  • Body armor gives you a massive advantage in a shooting. That’s the only reason why police and military operators wear it, plain and simple. If it didn’t confer and advantage – namely, the advantage of an increased chance of survivability, then no one would wear it. But it does in fact confer an advantage, one that is too powerful to ignore: you could conceivably take multiple bullet hits that would otherwise be fatal – and live. If that isn’t a compelling reason to have armor, we don’t know what is.
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