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Building up your water stockpile

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If you’re thinking to yourself that 120 gallons is two 55 gallon water drums plus a few bottles, you’ve lost before you even started. The wrong way to store water for a disaster is in large containers like water barrels! Why? Consider that:

Water barrels cannot be easily carried during an emergency When part of a 55 gallon water barrel becomes contaminated, it all becomes contaminated.

A 55 gallon water barrel is easily pierced or spilled in a disaster such as an earthquake or tornado.

A 55 gallon water barrel weighs over 400 pounds.

What we recommend is that you store your water in containers that are 3 liters in size or smaller. Preferably, individual water bottles are best. Here’s why:

Individual water bottles represent a spreading of the risk of contamination among hundreds of bottles. The probability that all of your water will be contaminated is slim to none.

Individual water bottles are easily stored all over the home rather than in one spot where they can be contaminated or damaged.

Individual water bottles are currently for sale just about everywhere.

The leftover bottles can be used to purify more water via the SODIS method (covered in an upcoming video).

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