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The American government cites many reasons for the fact that they no longer print large bills. They claim large paper notes facilitate racketeering, crime, and aid in drug smuggling and manufacturing. They claim that large American bills are the choice currency of criminals around the world. The real thing that the American government fears is a loss of control. At the end of the day, cash purchases represent a major threat to the government mainly due to the loss of tax revenue. The government is doing everything it can to effectively kill cash as a medium so that it doesn’t miss out on its pound of flesh.

Within the last 20 years, we have seen cash go from a common form of currency to an antiquated system left over from the past century. Now, paying $10,000 in cash in any single transaction (or series of transactions) will trigger a form that needs to be filled out by the receiver of the cash that is sent to the IRS so they can track the transaction, and the penalties for not doing this are stiff and getting stiffer by the minute. Also, the government has done a fine job of vilifying cash, turning it into something evil through propaganda – now, only terrorists and criminals use cash. Paying cash for an airline ticket is suddenly something ultra suspicious when it was once commonplace.

The government wants to track transactions – all of them. They want to not only see what everyone is buying, they want a piece of the action. Lately, they have released a series of new $100 bills which claim to protect against counterfeiting, but also include RFID technology so the bills can be tracked. The ultimate goal is a cashless society – make no mistake. This way, the government can print as much money as it wants without fear of a cash shortage.

You paper money is already worthless, but it exists because of the persistent illusion that it has value. Which leads us to bullion!

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