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Caching Inside the Home, Part 1

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There are essentially three classes of people or entities you are caching your goods from:

Thieves: These can range from casual burglars all the way up to organized home invaders and everything in between. The usual modus operandi of thieves is to quickly gain entrance to the property, grab what is within reach, and then disappear as fast as possible. For this reason, safes usually work against all but the most dedicated thief, but caching has the potential to work against them all – a thief cannot steal what he cannot find. Searches done by thieves are quick and not thorough.

Looters: Looters are essentially thieves, with the chief differentiation being that looters usually have time on their side, which makes them far more thorough searchers. When looters abound, it is for the sole reason that law enforcement cannot respond, being occupied with other tasks. Because of this lack of oversight, looters can take their time with places, and have been known to pick places clean of anything of value. A safe will ultimately just be a minor hiccup for a group of determined looters. Looters can search a place thoroughly, but at the end of the day, they don’t usually have access to sophisticated technologies to help them.

Caching Inside the Home

Raiders: Raiders represent any and all types of law enforcement as well as military. These are the “jack booted thugs” that have the potential to turn your house upside down – legally. Raiders can either be searching your house on a door to door basis, which means their search will be cursory, or they can search your house thoroughly with every tool in Uncle Sam’s formidable toolbox, in which case nothing that you hide will be safe. Unless they are in a hurry to leave, raiders can spend days at your home, searching it top to bottom.

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