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Caching Inside Your Home, Part 2

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The Looter Search:

Caching Inside Your Home

While the looter search is named after looters, it can and often is performed by regular thieves when time permits. The main thing that differentiates the looter search from your average break in is

time. The searchers, due to a variety of circumstances, find themselves with an abundance of time and therefore they perform what they think to be a more systematic search. In these types of searches, most everything that is within a container is searched. Containers in this sense include:

  • Drawers
  • Cupboards
  • Chests
  • Safes
  • Closets
  • Cabinets

These searches are fairly systematic but are done in a very amateurish manner such that the searchers will often shoot themselves in the foot. As an example, most amateur searchers will tend to empty drawers and cabinets onto the floor and then sift through the contents to find anything of value. The side effect of this is a gigantic mess that really prevents them from searching thoroughly. Lots of stuff gets missed in searches like this, and the end result is that classic “ransacked” look where a home looks like it was upended.

The defense against these types of searches are deep caches with lots of decoys. These searches rarely break into what are perceived to be sealed off areas in the home like wall and attic space. These searchers almost never use tools to search. In this case, you want to cache in structural and typically non accessible portions of your home (more on this later), with no real easy access from any living space. Also, you want to have some decoys present – a cheap, throwaway gun, a couple of $20 bills rolled up somewhere, or some costume jewelry lying around.

These items are to mollify your searchers, who will often move on to the next home if they find a couple of valuables. Don’t let them find anything of substance!

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