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If there’s one question that comes in consistently, it’s the question of how to choose a survival retreat. At American Family Survival, we’re all about giving you the information you need, information you asked for and want to know about – so by popular demand, here it is.

Choosing a survival retreat is an understandably murky topic that confuses many people. The word survival retreat conjures up images of remote cabins, converted bunkers, or mountaintop hideaways, but those aren’t necessarily the right places to go when a disaster strikes. In fact, the decision as to what makes a good survival retreat is a highly personal one, and what constitutes a good survival retreat for one person doesn’t necessarily make a good survival retreat for someone else. Still, all survival retreats should have similar qualities of safety and sustainability, and it’s those qualities that we will be examining closely in this guide, so that you can make an informed decision as to where to establish a survival retreat.

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