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Dealing with Mob Violence 

While most of what we discuss in the prepping and survival world is surviving in the wake of a major disaster, we must also be cognizant of the disasters that face us every day. We are all subject to a wide manner of problems that happen every day. Just look at 2020 if you don’t believe me. Our nation was racked by everything from a pandemic to outright violence. 

Violence can continue

It is likely that violence is going to continue, especially as there are politicians and others with a public voice who are calling for more mob violence than ever before. Regardless of what group might be propagating the violence, getting caught up in it is extremely dangerous. More than one person has gotten killed, just by being in a mob when things turned ugly. 

Avoiding the mob

Obviously, the best thing to do is to avoid any such mob. When the mob mentality kicks in, people stop thinking logically. They’re likely to do the craziest things, breaking the law, because of the anonymity that the mob gives them. 

Dealing with Mob Violence 

What if you get caught up in mob?

But what if you happen to get caught up in one? What if you’re out shopping and happen to stumble into a crowd that suddenly turns ugly? What should you do then?

The last thing you want to do is get in a fight with them. They’ve got you outnumbered and even if you’re armed, there are more of them than you have bullets. This definitely isn’t the time to try a shootout. It won’t work. 

Blend in

The first thing you want to do is to blend in. People who stand out from the mob become targets of the mob. That can hurt. So if the mob is chanting or yelling, then you yell too. If they start marching or running in one particular direction, then join the march. Just march or run slower than they are, so that they will pass you by. 

Don’t attract attention

What you want to do is work your way out of the mob, so that you can get to a place of safety. But you don’t want to attract attention while you’re doing so. That’s the idea of marching slower than the mob is. That’s one way of working your way to an exit point, without being obvious about it. Another way is to work your way towards one side of the crowd, perhaps calling out to some imaginary friend and then acting like you’re going to where they are. 

Look like you’re part of them

Regardless of how you do it, don’t be obvious about what you’re doing. Remember, you want to look like you’re part of them, so that you don’t get identified as an enemy. Then, when you are at the edge of the crowd, you can seek out a good place to make an exit, where you won’t easily be seen. 

Duck down

One of the best ways of doing this is to duck down an alley. But you could also duck into a store (if you can find one open), hop someone’s fence into their backyard or duck down behind trash cans or cars until the mob moves farther away. Then, once you’re free, head off in a direction that’s 90 degrees to where the mob is going. 

Contact someone you know

Call or text someone you know and have them come pick you up a couple of blocks, letting them know that there’s a riot going on and so they shouldn’t come too close. If your car is nearby, leave it there and go back for it later. The important part is getting away, not saving your car. 

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