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Duty Rig and Holster

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If you’re going to carry a gun, you need to have a holster. Holsters are also not created alike – there are different holsters for different jobs, much like there are different guns for different applications. Many preppers are so fixated on purchasing and stockpiling guns that they forget the tools they need to effectively carry them, and in some cases, they buy substandard holsters almost as an afterthought. You might be saying to yourself right now – I don’t need a holster.

My gun is in my nightstand. I have no plans to carry it on my person. Okay – we’ll play devil’s advocate here. What about a situation in which:

  • You are forced from your home in the middle of the night by an impending manmade or natural disaster.
  • Society’s normal rules have been temporarily suspended, and you find your neighborhood filled with undesirables.
  • You have been tasked with being a member of a local patrol to keep an eye on looters or vagrants.
  • You head outside in the middle of the night because your dogs are barking or there is some other commotion, and you are armed.
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