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Most people just don’t think about a place to put the gun when it’s not in their hands – and no, under the pillow, in the nightstand, or in the gun safe are places that won’t always be accessible to you. We would like to call your attention to the topic of holsters, in part because we want you to start acclimating yourself to carrying a handgun on your person. We’re even going to go so far as to stating that if you live in a restrictive country like Australia or Canada, where handguns are highly regulated and required to be in locked safes at all times, that you purchase a holster and wear your gun around the home to get used to the weight – discretely, of course.

Wearing a loaded firearm is a very new and potentially uncomfortable feeling for people who are new to weapons. But the only way to get used to it is to wear one, and the only way to get used to drawing it is to practice from a holster – with the firearm unloaded, of course.

Consider also that holsters aren’t just a place to store the gun, they are a place from which to deploy it. A good, exposed, duty belt style holster makes drawing your gun easy, safe, and fast. It also makes retaining the gun a no brainer. Contrast this with a gun in your waistband, pocket, backpack – whatever. It’s hard to draw, will snag on everything, will flop around, and will become a safety hazard. Just get a holster.

We recommend several holsters, since each one has a very different purpose. The first rig we recommend, however, is a duty belt rig.

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