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Handgun retention that is performed by the holster is probably the most revolutionary change to hit holsters – since there were holsters. For a hundred or more years, a holster was a burrito shaped piece of leather in which the handgun would be slid into. Whenever the wearer wanted the gun, he would simply grab the butt and pull, thereby drawing the weapon.

The problem is, anyone else could do the same, and oftentimes a gun you thought was in your holster was suddenly in the hands of your opponent. Gun leather manufacturers eventually got wise to this and started fitting holsters with a top flap that covered the butt. While this increased retention dramatically, it also meant that the gun took a long time to draw, and many well armed people met their deaths while having a perfectly good gun on their hip that they were unable to deploy in time. Most combat, tactical, and police style holsters incorporate retention mechanisms now that are built into the holster.

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