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Edged Weapons – Fixed Blade knives

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Edged Weapon

Bush Tasks:

When camping, hunting, fishing, hiking, or any other sort of outdoor activity, fixed blade knives are expected and totally normal to have on your person. Scrutiny by law enforcement personnel plummets in these settings, because that’s what these knives are supposed to be for. Additionally, they are invaluable for tasks such as skinning animals, making shelters, cutting cordage, and the multitude of other tasks that a fixed blade knife is used for.

Societal Collapse:

When pandemonium reigns, there is little place for a folding knife. Most likely, no one will care that you are carrying a fixed blade knife on your person, and law enforcement may not even be present as they will be tending to their own. In cases like these, fixed blade knives make the most sense; there’s nothing to break on the knife, they don’t run out of batteries, they don’t need to be opened, they don’t need to be reloaded – they are just one big dumb piece of steel that will work every time.

It’s for these scenarios that fixed blade knives make the most sense. Also, if your state is one in which there is very low law enforcement scrutiny on fixed blade knives, by all means carry whatever you like.

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