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Electromagnetic Pulse, or EMP for short, is a phenomenon that’s currently troubling many a prepper today. The news, media, internet, and prepper circles are filled with the mention of this dreaded event, and there is much panic and misinformation surrounding EMP that we will attempt to clear up with this guide. Like anything that represents a threat to our way of life, EMP is something that deserves some – but not all of your attention.

It’s our goal to educate the readership of American Family Survival so that you can make informed decisions about events that could affect you. To that end, we tend to produce material that reflects our opinion of what threats you face, and how to deal with them. Additionally, we tend to prioritize our content so that you are informed about the likeliest threats rather than all of the threats possible. Therefore, you won’t see much information in our guides about global cataclysmic events (super volcanoes, pole shift, asteroid impacts) because there is little if anything you can do to prepare for such events. And you’ll see nothing in our guides about conspiracies like gray aliens, illuminati, one world order, and other such events, because we aren’t 100% convinced in the truth of such theories.

So where does EMP stack up in the realm of these events? How prescient of a threat is EMP, and is it something we should plan for? Is EMP even real, or possible? Before we answer these questions, we need to know what EMP is.

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