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There are many countries across the globe that possess nuclear technology – all of the world’s superpowers for starters. But the list of those who can produce an EMP is greater than just those who possess nukes. This is because the nuclear device that’s required to produce an EMP is a relatively weak, small device that’s decidedly low tech.

An EMP doesn’t need to be high yield or cause much damage from an explosive standpoint. All the nuke is for is to begin the EMP process, nothing else. Therefore, all of those suitcase sized nukes that went missing upon the fall of the Soviet Union – as well as many other nuclear devices that “disappeared” when all the Soviet states went independent – any of those would serve just fine.

Secondly, a delivery system is required; something to detonate the nuke 80-100 miles over the United States. This requires a missile or rocket of some sort, and the design need not be exceptionally precise, either. A repurposed SCUD missile would do just fine; fitted with a rudimentary guidance system, such a missile could even be launched from the deck of a container ship in international waters off the coast of the United States. Therefore, any nation that has access to a missile or rocket, and a modest nuclear device is technically capable of using an EMP weapon against us. Yes, this reality is pretty frightening.

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