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When most people think survival, they think bugging out, starting fires in the woods, filtering water, and evading groups of armed looters en route to a remote bug out location. These are all valid things to think about, but there is one thing missing from this equation – financial survival.

What if the next survival situation that occurs is a monetary one? What if your family has no food or water, but it is because no one can afford to buy any? And, what if the next terrorist attack that occurs against America is a financially driven attack? Let’s face it – we depend on money to live. Money fuels our car, clothes our kids, and feeds our family while preserving a roof over our head.

The problem is that for the past hundred years, America has been steadily declining. Sure, it might not seem that way from your perspective, but it most definitely is true on a macro scale.

We are hopelessly indebted. In fact, we owe more debt (over $100 trillion) than any other country on the planet. What’s stopping us from devolving into the kind of economic chaos that hit Weimar Germany, Argentina, or Zimbabwe? Not a whole heck of a lot!

In this guide, we will attempt to show you why America’s economic situation is so dire. We will not be offering solutions as to how to counteract that just yet – what we are trying to do is to paint a picture of the threat that we are facing. We feel that you need to know the reasons why we are in so much economic peril right now, just as if it was any other threat. In past issues, we showed you how crooks think, how the government thinks, the threats that bacteria and electromagnetic pulse worked. Now, it’s time to show you exactly how the economic boogeyman works, in all of its horror.

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