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First Aid, Part 2

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In last month’s information guide on first aid, we looked into two common injuries that you’ll see in a grid down scenario – lacerations and burns. Although these guides are not intended to be exhaustive medical textbooks, they are intended to introduce you to the realities of some injuries and what it might take to treat them. Keep in mind that our true hope for you is that you seek some medical training – as much as you can handle. Even a basic EMT (emergency medical technician) course is not too much to take! You can never have too much medical training, and in our opinion, buckling down and taking a month long course on how to be an EMT is a fantastic investment in the health of your family.

Remember the rule of first aid training: you should never treat injuries beyond your training. It doesn’t matter if you saw a show on TV about poking a hole in someone’s throat with a ballpoint pen – you should never try any emergency medical or first aid procedure that you haven’t been trained on. Our hope for these guides is to give you an idea what it will take to treat some of the injuries you might see during a collapse.

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