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Frank Mitchell’s Personal Precision Rifle

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In the first part of this two part series on precision rifles, we looked at general characteristics which make a precision rifle – well – precise. We talked about caliber, barrel length, general design, and some nice to have features. In this guide, we will delve into specifics. In fact, we will do something that we have never done before – show you exactly what components went into Frank Mitchell’s own personal precision rifle – what they are, why he picked them, and where to buy them.

So, after going through this guide, and funds permitting, you should be able to duplicate Frank’s own rifle down to the very finest detail. Before we start, keep in mind that most precision rifles are not store bought off the shelf. The vast majority of them start with a base rifle, which is the foundation of the build. From there, they add components that improve the ergonomics, operation, or reliability of the rifle. Long story short – you can’t just buy Frank’s rifle off the shelf. It’s custom, but it’s easily duplicated by anyone with the skill to do so (and it’s not very hard!). Let’s get started!

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