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If you’re not aware of ham radios or what they can do, you’re missing out on a valuable aspect of prepping. A ham radio isn’t a walkie talkie strictly speaking, nor is it a broadcast platform, yet it does both of these things quite handily. A ham radio relies on the strength of the ham community, which is massive nationwide; consider that with a ham radio you’ll be able to:

  • Obtain up to the minute news and information directly from other ham radio operators, and that this news is unfiltered, uncensored, and passed directly to you from the proverbial horse’s mouth.
  • Instantly communicate with other preppers, some of them half a country away.
  • With the right setup, communicate with people nationwide.
  • Listen in on military, law enforcement, emergency medical services, and a host of other government agencies – legally.
  • Use the ham radio set as a walkie talkie, and chat with members of your own family or survival group.
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