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Hardening Your Apartment

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From a design standpoint, an apartment is usually a single level structure within a large structure. The defining feature of apartment life is the common hall in which everyone’s front door are located. Apartment complexes have grown from modest two story walkups all the way to massive complexes with hundreds of units within. Condominiums, by contrast, have a defining feature in that they most typically have their own access doors, no common hallway, and most are two stories in height.

Usually, a condo shares one or more common walls with another unit; occasionally, there might be a bank of 5-6 units. Both apartment and condo complexes tend to be built around green or common areas.

The structure of how these places are built is relatively important to us as preppers because it tells us what we have to defend. Apartment towers almost always have concrete partitions separating top and bottom as well as left to right units, making them fairly strong.

Condominiums typically separate adjoining units by cinderblock walls, meaning its not likely that your neighbor is going to bore a hole into your home.

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