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Hardening Your Windows Against Attack

Probably the most vulnerable part of any home is the windows. Being made of glass, they’re really not much of a defense, if someone wants to get in. About the only good thing you can say about that, is that most criminals try the doors, not the windows. But in a post-disaster time, when people are desperate for supplies, someone might try to get through your windows and may not care about the noise of breaking the glass. 

That won’t be much of an issue if you’ve already bugged out. But if you’re still at home, having entrances all the way around your home, where people could surround you and break in simultaneously, sounds like a recipe for disaster. You’ll need something that will at least slow them down, if not keep them out entirely. 

Fortunately, there are several different things that can be done, each of which has its own benefits. 

Hardening Your Windows Against Attack

Boarding up the Windows

The first and easiest thing that can be done is to board up the windows. The advantages to this method are that it is cheap (possibly even using scrap material) and you don’t need to order anything special. If you’ve got a workshop, you probably have boards that can be used. 

Boarding up a window doesn’t have to mean totally covering it with plywood. While that is possible, just nailing a couple of boards across the window, ensuring that long nails are used and that they go into the studs around the window, can block off enough of the opening that they can’t get through. That also leaves you with light coming in and a place you can use to shoot out in self-defense. 

Window Security Film

Security film to put on the windows is much like window tint, except that it is clear and considerably thicker. It’s relatively easy to install and all but invisible once there. While it can’t stop someone from breaking the window, it does make it much harder to do so. 

This film works much like the rubbery inner layer of a car’s windshield. If the glass is broken, the film keeps the glass in the window frame. To remove it, someone has to break the glass all the way around the window, which will take a considerable amount of time. 

Burglar Bars

The most secure option is to install metal burglar bars over the windows. These can be installed either on the inside or outside of the home. Bars can be bought through the major home improvement warehouses or custom bars can be made by a welding shop. That’s especially nice if you want a fancier bar, rather than the simple ones which are sold pre-made, or you need an unusual size. 

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While the burglar bars may not look great, about the only way they can be removed is to attach a chain to them and pull them off with a truck. That makes them an excellent option, if you can afford them. 

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