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Home Defense Rifle, Part 2

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A few weeks ago, we did a roundup of features that we would like to see on a good home defense rifle. To restate the role of this weapon, we are envisioning our rifle to be primarily used in a medium range sort of environment – essentially, we want to engage threats inside of 300 meters, and to recap, we don’t want to shoot threats within the home due to over penetration, rather, we want to engage targets that are on the property. We had numerous readers write us and ask us regarding the legality of this tactic, so now is a good time to restate what our thought pattern is.


While each state has varying laws on what constitutes justifiable homicide, the overwhelming consensus is that there needs to be an imminent threat to life in order to justify deadly force. Note that we did not say an imminent threat to property; few states allow homicide as a means of protecting property, and really, you need to ask yourself whether someone needs to be shot dead for attempting to break into your car or something along those lines.

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