8 Out Of 10 Park Rangers FAILED This Survival Quiz….Care To Give It A Try?


#1. In a survival situation, what is the most important thing you can have on you?

The number one thing you can have on you is WATER. No other survival tool even comes close. You can only live THREE DAYS without water.


#2. The Rule Of Threes says you can live how long without these key 3 things?

The Rule of Threes is a classic survival rule of thumb that states the average person can live 3 weeks without food, 3 days without water, and 3 minutes without air.


#3. You're lost and very thirsty. You come across a small creek...what do you do?

Never EVER drink water from a creek, stream or lake. You could be drinking all kinds of contaminants, pathogens, and bacteria that are naturally occurring.


#4. You get bitten by a rattlesnake. What do you do?

The new accepted rattlesnake bite standard is to simply relax as much as possible and call 911. Studies have shown that tourniquets are ineffective and might actually harm you more. Also, sucking out the venom is not only dangerous, it is not usually possible to suck enough venom out to make a difference.


#5. Which of these combinations will start a fire when used together?

Steel wool will light on fire when rubbed with the terminals of a 9 volt (square) battery!


#6. You can get hypothermia when the weather is ABOVE freezing - True or False?

You can actually become hypothermic when the weather is above freezing! Factors like wind and how wet you are can make you hypothermic in temperatures as high as 50 degrees!


#7. It's freezing cold outside, and you have a good sleeping bag. What should you wear inside your bag?

Believe it or not, you will be warmest if you get into your sleeping bag with nothing on except undergarments! This is because your body heats up the air inside a sleeping bag, and your body has to work much harder to heat that air up if you are wearing layers…


#8. You're lost in the woods, but thankfully your pack is full of food. Where should you keep this pack when you sleep?

You should NEVER sleep next to your food – food attracts bears, insects, and predators of all kinds. Sleeping next to your food could actually be hazardous.


#9. Generally speaking, in the woods, your biggest threat is:

Generally speaking, your biggest threats in the woods are going to be injury….and other humans. The chances of running into animals that will harm you are slim to none as most of them will hear you and leave long before you know it.


#10. After water, the most important survival tool you can have is:

Fire is the second most important survival tool because it makes heat, cooks food, and can be used to boil water.



Congratulations – You Passed! Clearly you know quite a bit about survival!

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FAIL….you really need to brush up on your survival knowledge….which is why we created this site in the first place!

Scroll up to see which ones you got wrong!

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