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Outdoor Caching, Part 1

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Ever since man has had something valuable to protect, he has done so by burying it somewhere far from his home, in a place known only to him. From mummies packed with precious metals all the way to buried pirate treasure, man has inherently understood that sometimes, in order to keep something valuable, you must put that item in a secure location far from yourself. Not much has changed today; people still wish to cache their goods in a place that isn’t their home to preserve them. There are several reasons why outdoor caching goods makes sense to preppers:

  • You might want to cache some survival supplies along a bug out route so that you have sustenance along your bug out waypoints, meaning you can carry less gear on your back.
  • You might want to cache some supplies off site in case of government confiscation or a door to door search scheme.
  • You might want to cache your items to help other family members in a manner that allows them to find the cache and get the supplies without coming into direct contact for security reasons.

There are literally dozens of reasons why you would want to cache things outdoors for future use. So how do you cache things? Where do you cache things? Lastly, what do you cache? All these questions and more will be answered within this guide.

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