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Outdoor Caching, Part 1

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Outdoor Caching

While there are many reasons as stated above to cache items off site, there is one underlying principle that covers the reasoning behind just about every caching scenario: You hide items off site because they will be at risk if you keep them at your home. Think about that for a minute. While we do have a separate guide that spells out how to cache items within your home (which certainly has a place), there are some facts about your home that any thief, government agent, or heavy handed police agency is aware of:

  • The vast majority of people will keep everything they have from guns to bullion to survival food either within their home or on the property.
  • The vast majority of the people above will keep most of their valuables within the structure of the main home itself.

Thus, the logical conclusion is that with a thorough enough search, all (not some) of your valuables will be found. It’s simply a matter of time and manpower, but if you are suspected of having something that the authorities have an interest in, whether it be gold bullion, ammunition, firearms, survival food, or any other commodity, and those items are stored within the four walls of your home, they most certainly will be found with a targeted search. None of this is to say that you should avoid caching items within your home – there is nothing inherently wrong with that.

The law of averages reasons that not ever y home will be the subject of a thorough, targeted search, and thus doing a good job of hiding your survival items around the home will most likely defeat casual searches. Still, if you definitely want to survive a thorough, targeted search of your home that involves all of the fancy gear that the government has (like ground penetrating radar for example), then a portion of your goods should be located off site.

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