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Outdoor Caching, Part 1

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Xmarks the spot is pretty much the way pirate treasure was located long after it was buried. We’re going to give you a shocking truth about survival caches that you might not at first realize: the next most important thing to finding a secure cache location is the ability to locate the cache again in the future! Literally, nothing you do to protect your cache or preserve its contents matters if you can’t find the cache again! Also, consider that the cache might just be allotted for family members in the event of your death or absence. They too need to know where to find the cache as well. But how do you do this in an age of sneaky government surveillance? Here’s what to do:

Avoid GPS: Using GPS, even a total layman could find a buried cache site located deep in the Amazon jungles. GPS is easy and reliable – right? Yes, it is, but there are several reasons to not rely on GPS:

  • The Global Positioning System (GPS) is operated and maintained by the US military, who could turn it off at any time.
  • If someone finds or confiscates your GPS unit, they could use it against you and find your cache simply by backtracking.
  • After the NSA spying scandal, we still have no idea whether your handheld GPS could be associated to you and tracked remotely by the government. You have to assume that it can!
  • Yes, this prohibition includes the GPS in your car or cell phone!
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