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Outdoor Caching, Part 2

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Beware of freezing: In many parts of the country, the ground freezes each winter. Recall that as something freezes, it tends to expand. Try putting a bottle of beer in the freezer, and you’ll come back the next morning to find the beer shattered because as the liquid froze, it expanded. The ground does the same thing, expanding and exerting tremendous pressure on items that are buried incorrectly.

Water in the soil: A high water table or clay soil saturated with water can result in hydraulic pressure being exerted on your buried cache. This means that you bury your cache, only to come back a few days later and see it sticking two feet out of the ground. It’s imperative to know the height of the water table at your planned burial location!

Aside from the above considerations, the success you have in caching will really boil down to the type of container you use to cache goods in. There are many different options available here from Tupperware with sealing lids to ammo cans to PVC tubing, but overwhelmingly, we like purpose built burial tubes.

You can get these online and in a number of places. One example of a brand we like is called Monovault (www.storeguns. com). They are an Idaho company that makes affordable burial tubes that are designed for, well, caching. Here is why we like Monovault:

  • The round shape is great for burial and resists hydraulic forces within the ground.
  • The tubes are effectively one piece constructions with sealing lids. Consider that building your own out of PVC tubing means you have to seal at least one end, and that seal may not be effective if done improperly.
  • A cylindrical shape means you can bury the tube within the ground vertically, making it less prone to being found by a metal detector.
  • The lids are designed for effective sealing.
  • When retrieving the cache, you don’t need to dig up the whole tube – only the end cap! Open up the end cap and grab the items and go.
  • Tons of different sizes available so you can store as much or as little as you need.
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