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The modern American pet is usually indistinguishable from a human member of the family. The pet in question normally lives inside the home, in many cases consumes the same food the owner does, and may even occupy the same bed as the owner. To say that we have incredibly tight bonds with our pets is an understatement. Overwhelmingly, the types of pets most commonly seen around the home are:

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Rodents (hamsters, mice, white rats, guinea pigs)
  • Marsupials (chinchillas, etc)
  • Reptiles / amphibians (snakes, lizards, geckos, newts, turtles)
  • Fish (tropical and fresh water)
  • Birds (tropical and common)
  • Horses, donkeys, mules

There are of course exotic pets in some homes such as tiger cubs and whatnot, but we’re focusing on the most common pets here; if you currently own a zebra, we’re guessing you already know what to do with it. From the above list, it’s easy to make the conclusion that the most common pets found in the American home will be cats, dogs, and fish. Overwhelmingly, most people keep these species as pets, with cats and dogs being far and away the most common pet out there.

Since we cannot possibly cover every single species of pet, we are going to speak in generalities that will apply across species wherever possible, so that you can come up with an effective plan to maintain your pets during a natural or manmade disaster. We’ll give you some bullet points to help you plan out what every pet, regardless of species, will most likely need – in no particular order of importance as all are important.

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