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Early on in Family Survival Society, we covered the basic tools of our defensive trade. We started with pistols, and then moved to home defense rifles – medium range weapons that were usually AR based derivatives. From there, we talked about home defense shotguns, but to date there has been one segment we have largely ignored – precision rifles. Laymen would refer to these as “sniper rifles”; we’re talking about medium and large caliber scoped rifles that are traditionally shot from a prone position, and often feature bolt actions.

So why are we saving these all the way until Week 42, almost a year after starting the program? It’s pretty simple, actually:

  • A precision rifle should not be in the top ten things you need to purchase to get ready to survive.
  • The skill of precision rifle shooting is one that is very specific in its usage to you, the prepper – you will not often need to engage targets at 800+ yards.
  • We have already given you a short and medium range capability with handgun and home defense rifle, which should cover you nicely.
  • Precision rifle shooting is still a big money game. Quality components such as scopes and good barrels not to mention the ammunition cost lots and lots of money. No amount of shooting skill will get around that fact, and we figured initially, your financial priorities should lie elsewhere.
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