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Okay, so then do we really need a precision rifle in that case? Of course, that will be an individual decision, but we think that if certain conditions are met, you might want to look into precision rifles and long range shooting. We think long range rifles definitely have a place in the prepper arsenal, but that they are a little lower on the priority list than other more important supplies and issues. Having said all of that, here is why you want one:

  • With practice, you can reliably train yourself to engage targets 600, 700, 800 – even 1000 yards away. Think about this for a minute – if you can remove a threat from that distance, you are probably taking his capability to engage you away.
  • Most threats can’t hit you at 1000 yards – they have pistols or rifles and can only reach out to 200-300 yards reliably. With a precision rifle, you can hit them before they can hit you.
  • A threat stopped at 800+ yards is far better than stopping that same threat on your front porch.
  • Precision rifle shooting is a lot of fun and a great pastime.
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