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Prepping with Children

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As preppers, it’s easy to see which family outwardly stands the best chance of survival in a given situation by looking at the makeup thereof. For example, a family with two healthy, strong adults in their mid forties and two fit children in their late teens seems ideal; that family has lots of manpower and strength, is highly mobile, and can fight back like adults. But not all families are at that stage – consider that the same family we mentioned was at one point a husband and wife in their mid twenties with two infant children – not an ideal situation at all.

Infants and toddlers pose a security risk; they are loud, they must always be watched, they can’t move very far on their own, and they’re highly vulnerable. Even so, if your family is made up of children, you need to plan accordingly, and thus your plans are going to be very different from the family with adult children or even no children at all.

While the concept of prepping with children may not apply to you, consider that by extension – it just might. You never know what the future may hold; you might have a family with young kids seek refuge with you or you might even find a newly orphaned child seeking refuge, making you instantly a “family with kids”

overnight. Everyone was at one point a child, yet few people recall the planning required to deal with kids. Even parents with adult children will only vaguely remember the hardships involved raising infants and toddlers. This week we’re going to break down how to prep with children, and we’re going to cover all of the age groups and hopefully provide some strategies to point you in the right direction.

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