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Prepping with Children

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Native Americans had it 100% right here, with the invention and use of a piece of gear called the papoose. This excellent and essential gizmo is still available today and allows the mother to sling the child tight to her chest or back and remain mobile in a survival situation. Note how the native papoose provided far less range of motion to the child than the modern equivalent; they were bundled in tight which kept them not only restrained, but warm and protected. If you have an infant, you need a proper carrier.


An inevitable eventuality, diapers represent a prepping crux. On the one hand, you can (at great cost) stockpile months worth of diapers, but they will be bulky and exceed the cost of even your food supply. While not as popular as they once were, we recommend cloth diapers for a survival situation as you can reuse them much as has been done for millennia. Sure, it’s more of a hassle, but if the flow of synthetic diapers dries up overnight during a disaster, you are in deep…well, you know.

Bug in or Bug out

We’re recommending a bug in plan here, and it’s no secret why – your infant will do much better sitting put and being sheltered by your home. While it’s true that the natives took their kids all over the place and in all conditions, it’s not an ideal situation and families with infants will be much better off staying put if at all possible.

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