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Prepping Your Vehicle for Bugging Out

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At American Family Survival, we pride ourselves on low hype material that is extremely practical for you, our members. We’re realists, and we have stated in our materials many times over that there are more imminent threats to you than things like EMP, nuclear war, pole shifts, asteroid impacts, and other far fetched events. We believe that it doesn’t take much to turn your average day into a survival situation; all it takes is a little too much rain, a little too much heat, or a little too much cold and suddenly you have all sorts of problems. You get our drift – nature itself is perfectly capable of bringing survival situations to life.

Part of the “reality check” methodology we use here applies to the concept of bugging out. We’ve stated many times over that bugging out is not necessarily the best course of action for you, the prepper. Bugging out is potentially fraught with danger, depending on what exactly the threat is that you are facing, and generally, you are much safer riding out a disaster at home. Still, there are certain people who must bug out to survive. Whether they live in an untenable area, or perhaps work far from home and have a long commute, and thus cannot reach their residence in time, we do acknowledge the fact that some people will just have to bug out. And that’s a personal choice! So while we aren’t fans of the bug out philosophy, we still intend to give you all the tools you need to successfully bug out.

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