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Prepping Your Vehicle for Bugging Out

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Prepping Your Vehicle for Bugging Out

Another reality of bugging out is that it will most likely be vehicle based. If your plan involves anything other than bugging out on a vehicle, whether it is simply walking out, taking off on a motorcycle, on horseback or even light aircraft, you need to realize that the overwhelming majority of preppers intend to bug out by car or truck. There are some really simple reasons for this:

  • We live in a vehicle based society.
  • We are used to driving everywhere, even for the most trivial things. Most Americans will hop in their cars to go to the corner store, which may only be a quarter mile away or less!
  • America has an extensive and well maintained road system which makes long distance vehicular travel easy.

By extension, therefore, we are assuming you are most likely bugging out in your car or truck, otherwise known as your bug out vehicle, and therefore, we need to look at how to set up your bug out vehicle properly so that it is ready to go in case of an emergency. Before we get into the finer points of what we are talking about, let’s get some bugout vehicle guidelines on the table first:

  • It doesn’t need to be a lifted monster truck: Just because you are going to use the vehicle to escape a dangerous survival situation and egress to somewhere safer, doesn’t mean the vehicle has to be a 4×4 lifted off road vehicle with 35” tires. While 4 x 4 capability is definitely a plus for a bugout vehicle, it doesn’t need to look like a monster truck. The capability of your vehicle needs to match the intended escape route! If your intent is to escape via a secondary paved road, then your vehicle needs to match that road yet have capability to spare. If you intend to escape your location via a rocky, mountainous, steeply graded fire road that requires 4WD and locking front and rear axles, we would urge you to find an easier egress route rather than find a vehicle that will run your intended route!
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