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Prepping Your Vehicle for Bugging Out

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  • It doesn’t need to look like a bugout vehicle: Perusing some online forums, you would think that external roof racks, flood lighting, external fuel carriers and a flat paint job were mandatory for a bugout vehicle. Having said that, there is absolutely nothing wrong with these features, but try to include keeping a low profile in your list of requirements as well. Don’t roll down the street in something that obviously looks like an armored battle wagon.
  • Your bug out vehicle will most likely be a daily driver: Think about it for a minute – if you need to go home to pick up your bugout vehicle, you’re probably already behind the eight ball. Why not just drive your bug out vehicle every day, so that you have it ready to go wherever you may happen to be? There is no reason why your bugout vehicle should not be your daily driver!

So with all these practicalities, we’ll show you how to set your vehicle up for bugging out. In a future episode, we’ll actually look at the vehicle itself as far as what model to purchase or what features the vehicle itself should have, but for this guide, we’ll be looking at what you need to have in your vehicle, as well as what modifications you can do to your vehicle in order to see you through to your bug out location. Most of these preparations will be common sense, but some of them may be items you hadn’t thought of.

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