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In this world of smart guns, smart ammunition, electrical discharge weapons and thermal imaging sights, it’s refreshing to sometimes talk about good old fashioned primitive weapons. From a preparation standpoint, it also makes sense to at least have some primitive weapon options in your toolbox. What are primitive weapons, you ask? These are essentially weapons that have been around since, well, there were weapons. We’re talking things like clubs, staffs, spears, axes, hatchets, and similar weapons. They’re the go-to weapons for everyone from cavemen to Spanish Conquistadors and everything in between. They’re the stuff that was cool long before guns, and yet still survive to this day.

So in this world of easy access to firearms, why should we even consider primitive weapons? There are quite a few good reasons:

  • Not every city, locality, or place allows the use or carry of firearms at all times.
  • Worldwide governments are fairly restrictive on firearms in general, while they almost completely ignore primitive weapons – primitive weapons simply fly under the radar.
  • Some people are otherwise prohibited from possessing firearms due to age, criminal history, or a variety of legal factors.
  • Primitive weapons can often be fabricated at home with very few tools and little if any specialized knowledge.
  • Primitive weapons never need batteries or ammunition.
  • Primitive weapons are just as effective as they were 2000+ years ago when the battle rages inside of ten feet.
  • Most people intuitively know how to use primitive weapons, even without any sort of training.
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