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At American Family Survival, are goal has always been to give you the tools you need to survive. Most of the time, the topics we present are interesting and engaging and perhaps even a little exciting too, since at the end of the day, every survival situation can have an element of excitement to it. America is infatuated with the concept of survivalism and post apocalyptic fiction, and therefore, most people think that survival primarily consists of lifted, armored vehicles with huge tires, and guns. Lots of guns.

We have a more pragmatic view of survival, and thus we present to you at times topics that are thoroughly unsexy. One of those subjects forms our information guide this week – sanitation. While a topic seldom seen in your average episode of The Walking Dead, sanitation is something that most people don’t think too much about. After all, we have showers, hot and cold running water, flushing toilets, and robust sewer systems.

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