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It’s no exaggeration that everyone needs a good surveillance system in their home. There are many reasons for this:

  • See emerging threats before they are upon your doorstep.
  • Closely examine threats that are already on your doorstep, without the danger of answering the door.
  • Scanning your perimeter without having to go outside and face a threat.
  • Giving your family the peace of mind that a 360 degree visual on your home gives you.
Surveillance Cameras

No one is quite sure what the future holds where it pertains to natural or manmade disasters, which breed looting, thievery, and heavy handed government involvement. Recall that hardening your home, as described in our security guide, buys you time. The intruder that attempts to ram your door and is caught unawares by floor and ceiling mounted barrel bolts just gave you a warning buzzer – a couple moments to arm up and deal with the threat.

Now, instead of magically appearing in your living room, he is staring at a pistol pointed at him by a prepared home owner. The preps you made on hardening your home may not stop him from entering, but they do give you time to act upon his entry.

Further to this thought, security cameras buy you yet more time, and they also do something more remarkable than just giving you the gift of time – they give you the gift of intelligence information. Before surveillance cameras, you needed to rely on the good old fashioned eyeball to determine threats, which usually meant peering through window drapes or some other clandestine observation.

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