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Looking out a window to see who is there presents many tactical problems:

  • You might be seen looking out the window, which confirms to anyone who is watching that you are in fact home.
  • If you are seen looking out your window at a potential intruder, that intruder now has an idea of what you look like, and by your appearance, he can tell approximately how old you are, which allows him to get an idea what sort of resistance you’ll be able to put up.
  • Moving close to doors, windows, and peepholes puts you right in the path of danger. You are now trusting a thin piece of glass, wood, or siding to protect you from a firearms threat.
  • Homes have many blind spots, so even if you do glance out a window at a threat, you may not be getting the whole picture of what is going on.
Surveillance Cameras

With a simple security camera system, the picture (pun intended) changes significantly. Now, you can:

  • View a threat via a monitor far from where the threat actually is. Consider a threat ringing your doorbell. Where would you rather be – inches away looking through a peephole, or in the safety of your locked bedroom door, loading your weapon?
  • View the situation not possible from standard human vision angles. Put cameras high up on the eaves for a bird’s eye view of the approach to the home. Place them so that they cover natural blind spots like behind parts of the home or vegetation.
  • View threats at night via night vision, which even the most inexpensive cameras have at this point. You can literally track a threat skulking in the dark, smug and complacent, thinking he is unseen while you silently track his progress and dial the police, all without ever coming out of your home.

The possibilities are endless, and the tactical advantage that cameras give you will literally blow your mind. You’ll have complete control over most any emerging situation, far in advance.

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