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Teaching Your Children About Survival

Survival is best undertaken as a team activity. For most of us, our “team” is our family. While we may invite others to join with us or join together with others, our core team will always be those closest to us. 

But if you’re planning on doing everything, all by yourself, to ensure your family’s survival, you’re making a mistake. There’s just too much to do. You’re going to need everyone working together if you’re going to make it. Besides, what will your family do, if you’re not there? 

Why it’s important to teach survival skills to your children

If we’re trying to ensure our family’s survival and not just our own, then it’s important to teach them survival skills. There’s just one problem with that; kids can’t keep a secret. If you teach your kids survival skills, telling them why you’re teaching them those skills, you can be sure that they’ll tell all their friends, just as soon as they can. 

How to teach survival skills to your children

Keep it a secret

So the first key to teaching your kids about survival is not letting them know what you’re doing. Rather, you need to camouflage everything you’re teaching them as something else. Fortunately, that’s not hard to do. 

Teach them skills on new trips

Many survival skills can also be considered to be camping skills. So, all you have to do, to teach those skills, is take your kids camping. If you can make camping part of your family’s regular activities, you can teach your kinds a new skill on every trip. Teach them how to start a fire on one trip, how to build a shelter the next and how to purify water another time. keep teaching them skills until they are proficient. 

Of course, camping is a good time to go fishing, as well. Start out with normal fishing, and then add to it, teaching them techniques that can be used in a survival situation, with minimal survival gear. Make a game out of it, challenging them to catch fish with the least amount of gear. 

Make other skills part of your everyday life

Other skills can be easily taught just by making them a part of your everyday life. Gardening, canning, other means of food preservation, and a host of other skills can be part of your daily life, passing that knowledge on to your children. If you’re making your home into an urban homestead, that’s going to happen anyway; just be sure to be deliberate enough about it, so as to teach them all the necessary skills, not leaving anything out. 

Teaching Your Children About Survival

You need to teach them ALL the skills

One of the biggest mistakes we can make is to reserve some skills for ourselves, not teaching them to our children. That’s most likely to happen with dangerous skills. But those are the ones it is the most important to teach them, so that they don’t have to learn them the hard way. It’s much safer and easier to learn those dangerous skills in a controlled environment, with someone who knows what they’re doing ensuring that it is done properly and that everything remains safe. 

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This is essential to a lot of skills, not the least of which is shooting. Great care must be taken in teaching someone to shoot, especially a child. While children can learn firearms safety and how to shoot well, it takes a patient and attentive instructor, who will make sure that all safety rules are followed, even when the children forget. 

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