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The Grey Man Theory

The last thing that any of us want to do is to attract attention to what we’re doing, either in our prepping or during a time of crisis. We don’t want people to know what we are doing, as those very same people are likely to come knocking on our door, looking for help. In addition to that, if the government ever starts looking for people who are holding supplies, they’ll probably be operating on information provided by snitches

Best ways of avoiding attention

One of the best ways of avoiding attention from either the government or hungry people desperate for supplies is to make sure that you aren’t noticed. To do that, it’s necessary to do everything possible to blend in with the crowd. That includes both how you look and how you act. 

Most people are going to have a very hard time surviving in the wake of a major disaster. Being unprepared for what comes, they will be constantly searching for food, looking for drinkable water and just trying to scavenge the basic necessities to survive. Few will be bathing, as they won’t understand that bathing helps reduce the spread of disease and almost all will be losing a lot of weight, so their clothing won’t fit well. 

The worst thing you could do in all that is to be out in public, freshly bathed, chubby and wearing your tacticool clothing. Everyone who saw you like that would automatically think that you’re working for the government or some secret organization. You’d either be assumed to be an enemy or someone who is cheating. Either way, everyone would instantly know that you have things they need. 

Who’s a grey man?

In order to avoid that you need to become invisible to people, in other words, become the grey man. A grey man is someone who blends in so well to the background, that nobody notices them. I’m not talking about camouflage here, except in the theoretical sense. It’s not so much about how one looks, as how well that blends in to the situation, rather than the surroundings. 

Examples of grey men

Let me give you some perfect examples of grey men that we encounter in life all the time:

  • Anyone in a uniform; we see the uniform, without paying any attention to the person inside.
  • Homeless people or bums; we all try to look some other way, as if they aren’t there. 
  • Anyone who looks poor, as we tend to think they’re either going to beg for money or bother us in some other way.
  • The little old lady who goes about her business quietly, without bothering anyone. 

But in a survival situation, the ideal grey man costume is what everyone else is wearing. If everyone is in dirty t-shirts and holy blue jeans, then that’s the way for you to dress too, so that you don’t attract attention. Save your cargo pants for when you’re home or at your survival retreat, where nobody is going to see them. 

Likewise, walking around with an AR-15 is likely to attract attention. Better to keep the AR-15 close, but not visible and just carry a pistol concealed, but readily available. The pistol allows you to defend yourself, without seeming like a threat to others. 

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More than that, you need to move around like others. If everyone is walking with their head down, like they’re afraid of something, do the same. And, if they’re hugging the walls of buildings, avoiding the curb, there’s a reason for it, so copy them. If they’re looking around furtively, you can be sure that they’re afraid of something that you should be on the lookout for as well. 

Keep from looking like someone of interest and most people will ignore you. That way, you won’t have to fight as many battles and you won’t have so many people trying to get what you have. 

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