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Water Carriers

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Water Carriers

Ironically, hydration bladders take us back into the realm of ancient wineskins once again, but with several improvements. First of all, they are made of high strength plastic and are then shielded by a heavy nylon bag so that they are unlikely to be pierced. Second, most incorporate a set of backpack like straps that allow the bladder to be carried on the user’s back, which really lightens the load for the wearer as the weight is barely even noticed. Lastly, most hydration bladders have a capacity that far exceeds your average canteen – most bladders are 3 liters in size, which is plenty of water. Hydration bladders were really pioneered by the CamelBak company, and they still make some of the best hydration bladders out there. The method of operation is simple – fill the bladder, throw it on your back, and drink from the drinking tube whenever you need it.


  • One handed operation to drink from the bladder.
  • Puts the weight on your back and off your hips.
  • Easy to fill with large fill mouth.


  • Takes up space on your back that would otherwise be used by a backpack.
  • More expensive than a canteen
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