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As we continue to build upon the precepts that we introduced in our American Family Survival eBook, we’ll delve further into the things you need to know to survive, and also the gear that you will need. We’ve stated it before, but it bears mention again that gear alone will never give you the capability to survive without the necessary knowledge. Gear, however, can make a tedious and complicated task much easier, and one of the key pieces of gear you need to possess as a prepper is a water filtration system. Yes, we talk a lot about water here at FSS, and yes, it is the most important commodity you can have in a disaster, but thankfully once we lay down the cornerstones of your survival plan, we won’t have to mention it every week.

Okay, so where are we at with this American Family Survival plan? For starters, in week one, we kicked off accumulating a water supply. In week two, we made a plan for a food stockpile. Now, in week three, we’re going to look at selecting a good water filter. Why do we need a water filter if we already have a thirty day water supply? Simple – your water supply is a reserve, and it will only last you 30 days under normal conditions. You need to have a method of reliably filtering or purifying water after that 30 day period – in perpetuity, if need be.

Think of it this way – your water stockpile is like giving a man a fish. It satisfies an immediate need; it allows you to react to the disaster without having to worry about sourcing water from day one. A water filter is like teaching a man to fish; it gives you the capability to keep providing fresh, drinkable water for your family based on local surface water. It allows you to keep on keeping on long after your water stockpile is exhausted.

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