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What’s in Your EDC (Everyday Carry)

We all have some sort of EDC (everyday carry) or other. Even if all that’s included in it is our phone, our car keys and our wallet, they are things we carry every day. We carry them, because we find them useful in our day-to-day lives, so we make the effort to bring them along. 

Why each person’s EDC is different?

Have you noticed how each person’s EDC is different? That’s because some people have found additional things that they believe are useful to have around. So they add them to their EDC. Women are especially prone to this, with some carrying purses which would strain a football lineman’s arms. 

But as people interested in being prepared for emergencies, what we carry in our EDC has much more chance of making an impact than what others carry. Rather than limiting ourselves to the typical, we can use our own EDC to help prepare for emergencies, by carrying along things that we might need. In this, our EDC can become a survival kit, helping us in the case of a disaster. 

Breaking the EDC down into two sections

It makes sense to break the EDC down into two sections; one we carry on our body at all times and one which we carry along in a bag of some sort. Granted, this would naturally be different for men and women, as women pretty much carry everything in a handbag anyway. Even so, there are things they might not carry in their handbag, that they should carry in another EDC bag. That bag, and a man’s EDC bag, could be something carried along in the car, rather than something that’s being carried around all day long. 

If we think of it that way, then the most important things for our survival should be carried on us at all times. That can be hard to do, as the amount of space we have to carry things is limited. I wear cargo pants or cargo shorts pretty much all the time, giving me the cargo pockets to use as well. Back a number of years ago, I set up a shooting vest for EDC, using it as my jacket in cooler weather. 

Pointers to take into consideration

With limited space in our pockets, few of us carry much along. But there are a few pointers that we should take into consideration, when deciding what to carry:

  • Carrying concealed is a good idea, if you can. Some employers don’t allow it. But if you need a gun and don’t have one, you’ll probably never need a gun again.
  • The knife is probably the most useful thing to carry with you. Once you start, you’ll find yourself using it several times a day.
  • You should always carry some means of starting a fire, even if you don’t smoke. Fire is extremely basic to survival. 
  • You can add several small pieces of survival gear to the average keychain; such as a P-38 can opener, a whistle to call for help, a carabiner and a touch-free door opener; even a compass.
  • A high-power tactical flashlight can help you get out of a jam, if the lights go out. 
  • You can put your important data on a thumb drive, attached to your key ring. 

For the EDC bag, think in terms of a survival kit; but focus it on what you would need to have, in order to make your way home on foot, in the event of an emergency. Things like good walking shoes and a rain poncho may not be in the average survival kit, but should be with you at all times as part of that EDC kit.

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